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Comparison: Volkswagen Passat Peugeot 508 Vs

It is in this type of vehicle where details make the difference over any other segment. In his definition, all saloons "pure" (and not derived from compact sedans) have generous space for passengers, luggage lifesaver on special occasions and major technological innovations that, unfortunately, be paid separately in the most cases. By contrast, the design for this type of vehicle is usually not never climax. Any excess of boldness on the part of the marks may pay dearly. Very expensive.
For this reason, both Peugeot and Volkswagen have opted for different strategies, leaving note of his character. In Peugeot have not hesitated to break with a model of great penetration in the market as was the 407, which have obliterated to make way for a new concept car, bigger, more spacious and honestly, much better. With ten inches shorter in length than its predecessor, a trunk with which you can begin to compete in the segment and an exquisite interior insulation, certainly more than one doubts assail him.

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