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The new 508 sedan is a better representation of Peugeot. A sturdy car, stylish and equipped with technology that rivals the best German sedan, but with a more competitive price. Costs from 22,600 euros, with a larger team.

The 508 grows larger than its predecessor, and that is 10.1 cm long. This increase provides more legroom for passengers. The best part is that despite being bigger, is lighter, as it has reduced the weight on the old 407 in 35 kilos in body sedan, and 45 in the case of the family. And less weight, have higher load capacity as the sedan's trunk offers 545 liters and 660 liters the family, which are 108 and 112 dm3 more than the 407 offered. The available space by folding down the seats amounts to 1,581 liters for the sedan and 1,865 liters for the 'Station Wagon. "

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