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Peugeot 508: Step higher

The emergence of the new Peugeot 508 is more than the launch of a model that replaces another. In fact, not only moves into the square of 507, but also the 607, so that remains the flagship brand representative of the lion. Arguments for this task has more than enough, both in structure and safety, equipment and engines. Peugeot 508 you want the user to attract the grounds, but has added a bonus in the form of competitive price, which in these times is appreciated.

Peugeot unveils platform for 508 (is the same as the Citroën C5) and on it are mounted two body styles: sedan and family. Both, apart from offering a more modern, but also somewhat conventional, are slightly larger (4.79 and 4.81 m) than its predecessors, wider and also offer longer wheelbase (2.82 meters) . In both cases, thanks to the use of lighter materials, there has been no weight gain, but on the contrary, and enjoy excellent aerodynamic coefficient of 0.25 and 0.26.

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