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It is the bicentennial year for Peugeot, and the time when the French company back on track in a segment that traditionally has been given very well: the high half of the saloons, with a product, the Peugeot 508, it replaces, while the top of the range 407 and 607.

The smooth Peugeot commercial last year - worldwide sales record, with 2,142,000 units (+16%), placing it as the first brand in France, fourth in the European Union and ninth in the world-will strengthened by the entry onto the scene of a balanced sedan that offers exactly what the client demands of this segment, style, roominess, comfort, security and generous standard equipment. Built and designed under the premise of design, quality and strength, the 508 features a new design language for the brand, without compromising their distinctive identity features such as a large front air intake, fog cats, 3 red claws on their taillights, etc.

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